(スズゲン)迫田 宗左衛門

It has already been almost 90 years since shirt-making became my family's business. ZUNBANA shirts give top priority to a silhouette, paper patterns and sewing methods of the type we craftspeople consider beautiful, as well as to unqualified good looks. While working as a craftsman since my younger days, I have carried with me many doubts about all sorts of things. Doing as I was told by production managers I thought to be the mouthpieces of planners and designers I never met, I had conflicted feelings as I worked like a robot making shirts. "If I’m going to work like this, it doesn't have to be shirts; I may as well make any old thing," I told myself as I continued making products without feeling. ZUNBANA got its start some 22 years ago when in order to cheer myself up and escape that feeling of rot, I began making shirts of my own and put everything I had into it. In the 20 plus years since, we at ZUNBANA have encountered every kind of difficulty. I, too, was about to give up, thinking I would never make shirts again, but like the tools and shirt cloth I couldn't throw away, I always kept somewhere in my mind the memory of my days of making shirts. It has been decided that here and now in the storied shop SUZUGEN, whose work could properly be called shirt evangelism, I will revive ZUNBANA shirts. I give my sincere thanks to everyone for their cooperation and support.